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Monday, February 15, 2010

What Friends Are For

Today I am thankful for friends - for their support, for their encouragement, for their love, and for their advice and suggestions.

As our lives change and we graduate through various stages, we see our group of friends change too. I had my high school friends which was soon added to by my college friends. After college and marriage, both of these groups seemed to change a bit. I became closer with those that were married and then those that had kids along with me. It is a sad, yet exciting journey as some friendships dissipate and new ones grow and strengthen. But, I would say each of my friends have brought something special to my life that doesn't fade.

The reason I am even bringing this all up is because I am in a bit of a reflective mood today. I am feeling very blessed, and I know much of that is due to my friends and family.

Just this morning, I had a refreshing email from a friend who shares much of the same philosophy as I as far as raising our families as safely, naturally, and healthfullly as we can. There are plenty of times that I share some of my passion and ways of living a naturally healthy life, and I just get the blank stare or worse, the "you are crazy and obsessed" look. So, it is especially refreshing to chat with a friend who shares my excitement and passion. It is also incredibly helpful to shoot new ideas or information back and forth. If it weren't for this particular friend, I wouldn't be using essential oils to help keep my home and family healthy. There is just something really empowering about sharing excitement and ideas with another person that can relate. It is like energy for your soul.

That is why I love this blog and all the support we can give each other. I love your comments, and I hope to hear much more from each of you in the future. Please share your ideas or thoughts with the rest of us. Your input adds so much and is a blessing to all of us. Together, we can support, encourage and energize each other in our journey to great health and wellness!


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