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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Organic Foods!

For some reason, around this time of year, I can't stop thinking about food. Maybe it is because it so cold outside and my body wants a little more insulation, so I eat all...the...time! Since food is always on my mind, I thought I would write about it and share my favorite healthy organic foods with you!!

Garden of Eatin' Blue Tortilla Chips- Now who doesn't love tortilla chips? These are great because they are made of great quality organic ingredients so you don't have to feel guilty as you enjoy them. I also like that you can get a non salt version too that still tastes great!

Muir Glen Organic Soups- Soup is so nice during this time of year to keep you warm and help you load up on your veggies and fiber! These soups are chock full of tasty veggies, and they have tons of varieties.

Spectrum Organic Oils- I love to bake!! I always substitute half canola oil and half applesauce for butter. It helps you cut some fat and calories, add a little fruit, and give you some heart healthy omegas that are found in Spectrum's Canola Oil.

Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread- I love, love, love this bread. It is so hearty, healthy, and it is actually living food! It is made from freshly sprouted live grains that increase vitamins and allows proteins and carbohydrates to be absorbed better! Read more here:

Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein or Cinch Shakes- You know I love Shaklee's purity and extremely high quality nutrition products. Well this is one of my absolute fav's! Actually, drinking this soy protein shake is the best part of my 18month old son's whole day. They have all the amino acids you need each day to help all your cells work the way they should, and they have tons of good protein to keep you fuller longer and help fuel strong muscles. My favorite is the Chocolate Soy Protein or the Strawberry Cinch Shake.(Cinch shakes have extra Leucine to help your body keep its muscle while burning the fat) You can find them here:

King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour- I always use this flour when baking, because it is healthier than white flour and tastes so good. It is never bleached, never bromated, just 100% organic hard spring wheat.

Sunspire Organic Chocolate Chips- Not only do these chocolate chips not have any bad chemicals, antibiotics or steroids in them, they are also certified as fair trade, so every bag you buy, you are helping out farmers! Don't worry about taste, they are delicious! Find them here:

I hope you enjoy trying some of these healthy organic alternatives! Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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    1. Love your suggestions, Rose-Marie! It is funny, because I have changed my preferences and grown in my nutrition knowledge since I published this post over 3 years ago. Now, I use coconut oil for baking, don't eat chips or use flour regularly. So funny to see how things have changed...


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