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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dry Skin, Be Gone!

In the winter, most of us suffer with dry skin. Whether it is just a little dry, or it is really irritated, red and itchy. My son's cheeks started getting a little dry after being out in the cold wind during a sledding trip. So, I started with putting a little cream on them. Now, I mean actual cream. We still get our milk right from an Amish farm and it separates into milk on the bottom and cream on top. So, I just dab some of that cream on. Initially, it did help. So, that is one thought for helping heal dry skin naturally. But I noticed the next day his skin was still a little rough, so I tried dabbing on some organic oil. That also seemed to help for a day or so. But, after being out in the cold, his skin still looked a little red and rough.

I hadn't tried actual lotion yet, because of all the dangerous chemicals they put in lotions these days. I remember the day I looked at the ingredients on the bottles of Johnson's Baby lotion and Jergens that we had been given for baby shower gifts. I was horrified with the ingredients like parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, etc. I knew about dangerous ingredients in adult lotions, but I had hoped since it was baby lotion and shampoo, they would be more careful. Children aren't able to get rid of toxins as efficiently as adults, so it is really important to keep them safe. Needless to say, I threw those out or gave them to the needy.

So, what did I do about my son's dry skin that actually worked? Well, I had bought some Shakleebaby organic baby lotion when he was born. It is filled with wonderful ingredients like organic coconut and sunflower oil, organic shea butter, organic rosemary leaf extract, and organic lavendar and chamomile oils. I just hadn't needed it until now. So, I decided to give it a shot. I rubbed a little bit on his cheeks and his legs. The next morning when I got him out of bed, his cheeks and legs were still so soft and smooth. After a day running around outside, his skin was still moisturized. I was kind of shocked, to tell you the truth, because normally the cream or canola oil do the trick. I thought if they don't work, what will? I guess, this time, it just took the Shakleebaby lotion to help.

If you have other tips for keeping skin soft and smooth without harsh ingredients, please share with us!


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