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Monday, November 23, 2009

What's the Difference?

I get this question a lot from people who are wondering about the difference between supplements and nutrition companies. Let me tell you, I am glad that they ask, because no one else is regulating carefully what is in your supplements. This is one area you really do have to do your research. Let me give you an example: "The USDA tested ginseng products, and they found that 39 of 43 ginseng-labeled products on the shelves in health food stores had no ginseng in them." USDA radio report, Sept.17, 1998
What are we paying for then, if not for what it says on the label? Read these quotes:
"8 of 21 brands...were found to contain high levels of pesticides. Many also contained high levels of lead." website
"One of every four supplements we've tested had some problem." Tod Cooperman, MD, President, ConsumerLab. Over the years, ConsumerLab has tested over 1900 dietary supplements for quality and purity.
Pretty scary, right? It is especially unnerving since supplements are so vital for us, since our diets are greatly lacking in the nutrients our bodies need to function properly. We must be picky and demand proof! Our health and wellness depends on it.
So, let me help explain: What is the difference?
First, check the science behind the products. Are they supported by clinical research conducted and published by respected third-party scientists? Be careful here too, since many companies claim to use scientific research - but they actually use generic research, have little to no scientific staff, and don't even have the resources to conduct clinical research.
Some other questions to ask yourself:
1. Does the company guarantee that 100% of the ingredients listed on the label are in the products and that they use the best quality ingredients that are available?
2. What is their quality control process? Do they ensure safety, purity, reliablity of proper composition, and bioavailability of it being absorbed at the right time and in the right place?
3. Do they offer a 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee?
4. Does their company have a long trusted history or are they a fad company?

It is up to you to be an educated consumer, and I wish you the best on your health journey! If you are interested in checking out my favorite products, which I have already done the research on and fully trust, go to or check out my favorite websites on the right side of this blog.


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