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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Safe Herbs For Children

I was provided product to review. I am an independent consultant for Shaklee. I absolutely love all these products, and all the opinions are completely mine.

What does your medicine cabinet look like? Is it full of drugs, products that contain artificial, chemical ingredients? If so, you may want to think about making a change to a more natural medicine cabinet. You can get the same relief, or more, with natural products. We use lots of herbal remedies, essential oils, vitamins, and spices with our family.

What about children? Aren't herbal remedies too strong for kids? Absolutely not! Check out the herbal remedies we use below from Herb Pharm, a nationally respected grower and producer of certified organic medicinal herbs and herbal healthcare products.

We love their new Kids Herbal line that includes every remedy for kids, from stomach flu to colds to ear aches and more!
As you can see, they offer a great variety of herbal supplements! Our favorites are:
  • Black Elderberry, which boosts the immune system to fight off all junk
  • Echinacea, another great immune booster that we use in combination with the elderberry
  • Tummy TLC, great for tummy aches, gas, or recovering from the stomach flu
  • Immune Avenger, which is a superhero for fighting off germs in cold and flu season
We have not had any ear infections or problems, so we have not yet had to use the Ear oil, but I know so many children suffer from ear problems. It can make a mom feel so helpless! This would be a great product to try! We also have not tried the Lemon Balm Calm, but I plan to use it with my kids on our road trips this summer if they get overwhelmed and overexcited. 

We also love our Shaklee Vitamin C, Defend and Resist for immune boosting with the power of elderberry and echinacea, and their Stomach Soothing Complex, using peppermint, ginger, fennel and anise for tummy aches and stomach flu symptoms.

With these great products you can get support for kid's needs that do not come in day-glow colors or in chemically coated cartoon shapes. Try out these safe herbal remedies with your family.

We are offering (1) bottle of Tummy TLC to (1) lucky winner! Enter below!

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  1. I would love this natural product for my son- when he gets sick this would come in handy!

  2. We use lots of herbal remedies, essential oils, vitamins, and spices with our family.antianxiety herbs


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