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Monday, September 30, 2013

Environmentally Friendly Lunch Gear Giveaway

I think most of us know that if we want our children to have healthy lunches that will fuel their growing bodies and help them learn better, we need to send lunches from home with them.

The problem that comes with packing lunches is all the waste that can come with it. However, I have found that if you have the right products, you can do a healthy lunch without any waste at all!

With my son, we use New Wave Enviro products. I have found that these products are completely safe, environmentally friendly, great quality products, and I am so excited to share them with all of you so you can go waste-free with your lunches!

The first thing we needed was a stainless steel, BPA free water bottle for my son. The 12oz Seriously Safe Stainless Steel Bottle with flip n sip cap meets all our needs. My son had been having trouble opening his water bottle which led to him not drinking any water all day long! With his New Wave water bottle, he can open it easily, and he is so proud of himself for drinking all his water every day.

We also love using their Seriously Safe Stainless Steel food container with tinted lid. I love how safe it is. I know there are no chemicals leaching out into his food. Plus, it is great at keeping the foods inside, no matter how much jostling and banging around it has to go through. It is a little small to fit a whole lunch into, so we mostly use it for snacks or part of a lunch.

And what is a safe, waste-free lunch without a Bamboo lunch bag? First off, I love Bamboo. It is so Eco-friendly. In fact, a 60 foot cut takes only 59 days to re-grow and regenerates without replanting. And it thrives without herbicides and pesticides! Besides all that, this bag is durable and expands to fit everything you need for a healthy lunch inside. We fit a big food container, a banana, a cold pack, and the stainless steel water bottle inside of it! It is the champion of lunch bags!

New Wave really does a great job of providing you with all the products you need to take a healthy, safe, waste-free lunch with you whereever you go!

Now, good news for all of you! We are giving away an awesome lunch kit! (1) lucky winner will receive all the goodies I just mentioned - 12 ounce stainless bottle, stainless food container, and bamboo bag!

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