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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Week Transformation Review and Giveaway

Getting Fit.....I think that this is a process, not always an end result.  We retrain our bodies and minds to change and it is a constant cycle.  It is "GETTING" there that makes it a process.  Where to start or in my case, restart, when things need a little extra push, pull, tug, or lift? I was lucky enough to review Basics and Beyond Two Week Transformation.  

Can you do something that is reasonable, healthy, sensible and just plain E.A.S.Y. for two weeks?  Of course you can!  Do you ever feel really smart, and that you know where to look, but really, you just want someone to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO! That's where I was at.  I wanted someone to cut through all the suggestions and "maybe-you-should-trys" and just tell me. Stop making me guess. I wanted a break from looking up information.   

What do you get for your $27? Let me start right there. When you buy into something, and spend your hard earned money, I believe you start with a tangible investment.  It is just enough to start that "stick to it" determination.  Once you purchase the link of materials, you find simplicity. Aaaah....2 weeks of do's and do not's in a few easy to read pages, with back up support if you need it. What if it doesn't work? First of all, I did the plan; I think it will work for you!  If not, the company offers a money back guarantee. Simple, Common, Easy....what a great couple of weeks (and beyond) you will have!

OK...I was ready. I would follow the do's and do not's for 2 weeks. My results? Great! I dropped 5 pounds (hanging around since the holidays) and a bunch of inches. Better yet? The plan is so simple that I have been working it (for the most part) for another two weeks. I am down another couple of pounds.    I love the fact that I haven't thought about HOW to diet for 4 weeks. I just follow a list and my body takes's like a nice mental vacation. 
Interested in a Two Week jumpstart or restart?  Just click here: Basics and Beyond and you will be on your way! Interested in WINNING a Two Week Transformation?

Yes, you have a chance to win one by following the instructions below. Us and Canada!

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Cathy was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.

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  1. Thanks for the nice review, Cathy, and congratulations on your success!
    If anyone has questions about The Two Week Transformation, or if you'd like to hit me up for some free advice, you are welcome to contact me through


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