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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lose Weight and Save Money With Cinch!

My pregnancy is over. I did gain some weight. Now the work starts to lose the weight. Thankfully, with the right supplements, healthy eating, and exercise, this shouldn't take me long.

The key for weight loss to me is protein. I have talked about the importance of protein time and time again, but I can't emphasize it enough. The thing is - not every kind of protein is that helpful for weight loss. Big steaks and juicy burgers, not so great. That is why I stick to mostly organic eggs, beans, and a lot of plant proteins, such as those in my Cinch shakes. I have been drinking these shakes for years now, and I credit them with helping me lose weight gained during my pregnancies. The unique thing about them is that they contain leucine, an amino acid that helps you keep the muscle you have and burn the fat you don't want. Most diets cause your body to hold onto fat and burn muscle when you cut calories. That will screw up your metabolism, which is the opposite of what you want. That is why I use and recommend these Cinch products to all my fitness clients and have seen great success with them!!

I know some people are not able to afford pricey weigh-loss plans, so that is another positive gift the Cinch plan gives you - more money for all the cute new clothes you are going to buy once you reach your goal weight!

Now, let’s talk about how much money you save with Shaklee’s Cinch program. Forbes Magazine published a weekly price comparison of a wide variety of popular diet plans. The following is a convenient price comparison.

Jenny Craig - $137.65/week
Nutrisystem - $113.52/week
Atkins - $100.52/week
Weight Watchers - $96.64/week
The Zone - $92.84/week
South Beach - $78.61/week
Slim Fast - $77.73/week
CINCH plan - $70.99/week   Just the Cinch Shakes Once/Day - $21.00/week  Twice/Day - $42.00/week (I personally only use the Cinch shakes part of the program when I am just maintaining my weight)

Wowsers, right? I highly recommend the Cinch program, which has passed my careful scrutiny for product quality, effectiveness and purity! Good luck with your healthy weight loss!

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  1. I have been reading about Cinch Shakes and it does seem like a good brand to try. I like that it contains leucine, that seems very important. That is great that it is a better deal compared to the other brands.
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