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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Pregnancy Nausea Solution

Ever since I found out I was pregnant 7 weeks ago, I have felt sick, sick, and more sick! I am so sick of being sick. That nauseous, light-headed feeling that is with me all day is enough to drive me crazy.  Some days I just wish I could actually throw up and get it over with. (blaming this tirade on pregnancy hormones) :-)

Anyways, I have researched what helps pregnancy nausea, asked my midwife about what can help and this is what I have been doing.

Not working:
Peppermint tea helped me for awhile, but now I cannot take it anymore.
Eating Frequently

Taking extra B complex three times a day
Eating my new favorite snack every time I need a boost - Protein Lifesavers!!!

Here is the recipe for these amazing protein balls that have done miracles for my pregnancy nausea:

1 cup Shaklee protein powder (I like 180 Chocolate or Energizing Soy Protein)
1 cup organic peanut butter (or you can use cashew butter, almond butter, etc.)
1/2 cup raw honey

Just mix these all together, form them into little balls and enjoy them whenever you need an energy boost or whenever you are feeling nauseous! They are soooooooo delicious and super healthy!! By the way, these are also a fantastic pre or post-workout snack.

If anyone else has any tips, please share!

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  1. I like making treats with protein powder. I haven't made any in about a month I need to make some soon - I love them and they are so much better than most snacks or desserts!


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